6 Common Signs Of Emotional Abuse In Dogs


Last Updated on June 30, 2020

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Animal abuse is one of the major concerns of modern society. In most developed countries, groups of animal rights activists and government entities are making increasing efforts to raise awareness on this topic and reduce the number of animal rights violations.

Unfortunately, physical and emotional abuse in pets is still a reality, and there’s still a long way to go. There are some personality and behavioral traits that can readily reveal an abused dog.

However, identifying a pet dog that is still emotionally suffering from its traumatic and dreary past is something that is not always that easy to do.

If you have recently adopted a dog from a shelter and you want to know whether or not they have been abused in the past, you can watch for these warning signs that you need to look after. Here are x common warning signs of abuse in dogs.

Remember that you need to be patient and caring because your pet will need special support to overcome that trauma and finally become a healthy and happy dog.

1. Separation Anxiety

If your dog gets a little sad when you leave home for work in the morning and extremely excited when you come back home at the end of the day, he is just a normal dog who loves you deeply.

However, if he gets overly distressed every time you leave him alone at home, so much that he destroys pieces of furniture, scratches the front door, barks excessively, and urinates around the house, we have some bad news.

This behavior is typical in dogs suffering from separation anxiety, a condition that experts believe to affect roughly 15% of dogs. One of the main causes of this specific form of anxiety is precisely related to past traumas.

That’s why it is so common amongst dogs who have been abandoned or had to move houses several times. If nothing is done to manage this situation, separation anxiety may lead to depression in dogs.

2. Aggressive Behavior