6 New Year’s Resolutions That Can Be Good For You And Your Dog!


Last Updated on January 14, 2020

6 New Year’s Resolutions That Can Be Good For You And Your Dog!

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When a new year starts, we go all crazy making all sorts of new year’s resolutions that will turn this new year into “our year” – and too often we forget all about them and just go on with our lives, because like John Lennon once said, “Life is what happens to you while you are busy doing other plans”.

However, if you look back on the year before, you can actually find room for improvement, and why not make decisions that will improve your dog’s life?

If you trying to figure out how to improve your dog’s life, and how to make your dog happy, here are seven steps you can take towards turning your dog into a happy dog.

#1 – “I Will Get More Exercise.”

Because the holidays are excessive time, and we end up eating too much and making super regrettable food choices, one of the most famous new year’s resolutions is to start exercising more.

And this is absolutely fantastic – it will improve your self-esteem, your general health, and your physical condition. And if you are getting your exercise in the great outdoors, you can bring your furry friend with you and improve your dog’s health with some dog exercise.

There are many games for dogs that can exercise you both at the same time, and is there a better companion? We don’t think so.

#2 – “I Will Eat Healthier.”

This is the new year’s resolution that fights with “I will get more exercise” for the first place on the ranking, and frankly, we think it is a tie. Our dogs have a hard time eating healthy too – they always try to get human food, and who can resist a cute dog asking for a bit of their dinner?

That’s right, no one. However, if you decide to eat healthily, the food you share with your dog can be good for them as well, since there are many healthy foods for humans that can be wonderful for our canine friends.

If you think about giving up, remember that your poor choices affect your dog, and if you really want to be an expert when it comes to taking care of your dog, you will feed them the good stuff. Be mindful when picking up their food – invest in healthy dog food and in healthy dog treats.

#3 – “I Will Try New Things.”

It is a thing we all promise ourselves since it is so easy to get distracted with the obligations of adulthood and our daily lives in general.

We feel like we are falling into a routine, and we feel sad and mad that we can’t gather the energy to go out and try new things, rediscover ourselves, and well, a new year is a great excuse to change that.

Well, what about making plans that include your best friend? Go on a trip and take your dog with you – dogs are curious creatures and they love to explore. Make sure to get dog health insurance and to find out what vaccines do dogs need before taking them on an adventure though.

#4 – “I Will Take Good Care Of Myself.”

Responsibilities take so much of our energy and time that we often forget about the most basic of responsibilities – taking care of ourselves. Sometimes you need to chill and actually put your needs first for once.

Be kind to yourself and to your body, find ways to reduce stress, maybe even quit smoking; say goodbye to people who don’t make your life better, stay hydrated, and cuddle with your dog as much as you can.

Treating yourself is the only way to live a long and worthy life, and your mood will reflect on your dog, so if you want to excel at being a dog parent, excel at taking care of yourself first.

#5 – “I Will Try to devote More Time For My Loved Ones.”

It isn’t always easy to spend time with the people we love – everyone is busy and unfortunately, we can’t stretch a day (we wish we could, 24 hours are not enough). Start evaluating how and with whom you spend your time, and actually try to figure out if you are spending it in the best way possible.

Your time is precious, it is the tissue that makes your life, so invest it on the ones you love, on your real friends, on your family and, of course, on your pets. Your dog will surely enjoy every living second he gets to spend with you, so surround yourself with love and be loved for the ones around you.

#6 – “I Will Do More Good Deeds.”

We like to assume everyone has that will in their hearts where they want to make this world a better place. If you love animals and don’t have any, maybe volunteer at a dog shelter. Dogs are creatures that crave affection, and you can be the one giving it to them.

Walk them, get them dog toys, plan some brain games for dogs, or even accept the challenge and spend time with special needs dogs (they are often the ones that are more marginalized). You will not only be improving the lives of those cute creatures, but you will also be improving your own life.