7 Important Things Your Dog Should Do Everyday!


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Unfortunately, it’s very common for many dog owners to be completely clueless about their dog needs. Most people decide to get a dog because they’re cute and when they grow up, they’re abandoned.

When you make a decision to have a pet, even a pet as little as a fish, you have to commit to that pet, giving them what they need and treating them the best way you can.

That’s why we came up with a list of the top 7 most important things you should be doing with your dog. From dog exercises to eating habits, this list has everything you need to know about dog care, so keep reading to find out what you haven’t been doing but should!

1. Grooming

Dog grooming is one of the best bonding activities you can do with your dog.

Not only will they look beautiful but you’ll also be improving their health because when you brush or groom your dog you’ll be reducing future shedding and improving circulation.

Also, if you make this a daily habit it would be much easier for you to track your dog’s hair. Fleas and ticks would be noticed way quicker than if you didn’t groom your dog daily. Besides, grooming is known to reduce odor and fur dirt.

Make sure to choose the best hairbrush for your dog. Depending on their fur (short or long) and their own skin (depends on the breed).

2. Taking care of their teeth

This one is a very common need that is often ignored by dog owners.

Dogs aren’t very careful when it comes to their teeth or mouth in general. They chew everything, eat everything and sometimes they’re completely unaware that some objects can inflict pain on them and possibly hurt their mouth.

That’s where we come in, as a dog owner you should care about your dog’s dental health. Because if you don’t, you’ll be allowing your dog to be in possible pain due to gum infection or tooth loss.

And if you thought the consequences are related to their mouth only, think again. Bad dental care can affect their heart, liver, and kidneys.

You should always get a dog toothbrush in a pet store or your local vet, don’t buy a regular toothbrush or toothpaste, there are specific dog toothpaste that you can buy.

If for any reason your dog hates when you brush their teeth, there are also special dental chews, similar to gums that also help your dog keep a nice and clean dental hygiene.

3. Quality dog food

When you go shopping for groceries or when you’re picking a restaurant where to eat what do you pay attention to? For some, it’s money. For others, it’s food quality.
However, even if something is very cheap but unhealthy or outdated you won’t probably buy/eat it.

So, if we want to eat great quality food why shouldn’t our dogs?

We’re not saying you should buy the most expensive dog food, all you should do is pay attention and make sure you’re giving healthy food to your dog.

Another important thing is to give them the right amount of food. Of course, it depends on their breed, body, overall size, etc., but it’s definitely something you should take into consideration. So, enough with filling your dog’s food bowl every hour, change their eating habits for the better!

4. Stimulating their minds

Just because they are animals, it doesn’t mean they can’t be smart. In fact, if you’re a dog owner you must already know that dogs are super intelligent.

From that note, as owners, we should help them grow and become smarter and develop skills over time.

There are many dog toys that are designed for dogs mental stimulation but there are also a lot of stimulating games that you can play with your dog, fetch is a good place to start, then try hide&seek and other traditional games that you used to play when you were younger.

Dogs have amazing skills, you just have to help them achieve greatness.

5. Drinking water

Yes, water is super important in our lives and every animal or form of life on this planet.

Each of us consumes water depending on a lot of factors, but we all feel thirsty after the same activities like eating or exercising.

So, what about dogs? They run everywhere and enjoy playing a lot no matter how hot it is outside. Of course, some dogs are couch potatoes but that doesn’t change anything, the rule is: every dog should always have access to water. There are many inexpensive travel dog bowls out there so you have no excuse!

Now that you’re on your way to get your dog his own travel bottle you might be wondering how much water a dog should drink per day. Again, it always varies from dog to dog, but generally, they should consume one ounce of water per kg of body weight.

Anything incredibly below this should be addressed to the vet next time you visit, on the other hand, if your dog consumes more it shouldn’t be a problem, especially if it’s a very hot day or your dog was extra energetic (which happens a lot).

6. Being active

Even if you own the laziest dog who enjoys Netflix and chill more than you do, turn off the tv just like a strict parent and make him go outside!
All jokes aside, did you know your dog behavior can change depending on their level of activity/exercise?

Basically, a dog who is active for the recommended amount of time: at least 30 minutes per day, behaves way better than a couch dog. Just think about it, a dog who is free to run all they want is way happier and healthier since exercising helps keep their heart in a great condition and gain weight in a healthy way.

Now compare this to a dog that might be overweight and unhealthy for doing little to no activity at all, normally these dogs are the first ones to disobey owners and show them some teeth!

Not all dogs are easy, but if by any chance your dog is obese and you can’t make him do anything else but sit on the couch, try to start by providing a healthy diet first, make him lose some weight, and then it might be easier to take him outside and play a couple games!

7. Cuddling

Less but not least, cuddling. A happy dog is a spoiled dog, and the best part is that you don’t even have to spend money to make this happen!

Just like humans, dogs enjoy hugs and kisses from time to time, some might be a little more independent and we should never restrain them when they clearly don’t want to be held. But let’s be real, most of the time they almost ask us for a little pat on the back!

Your dog loves you, so why shouldn’t you give them all the love in this world?

At the end of the day, we decided to own a dog because we love dogs! So we should treat them with love while caring for their wellbeing and health. As soon as you have a dog, you should immediately think about your dog’s health plan. How?

Well, start with pet insurance. It’s always a great idea to get a dog health insurance since it provides low-cost appointments with the vet and a lot of benefits when it comes to exams, emergencies and so on. Then, you just have to follow this list you just read. You’ll be making your dog the happiest dog ever!