7 Reasons Why Your Dog Is Ignoring You!


Last Updated on March 30, 2021

A dog person would defend dogs over cats by saying dogs aren’t fake and wouldn’t give you a side-eye. Still, if you clicked on this article, you probably already experienced your dog behavior shifting from friendly to indifferent.

From ignoring you to peeing in your bed, dogs can show a little bit of attitude from time to time. But why?

Well, something we can assure you is that sometimes the reason for their low signs of affection and indifference doesn’t have anything to do with you. There are a lot of outside factors that can change the way your dog acts.

You just want to know how to make your dog happy again! So, keep reading to discover some signs your dog is annoyed with you and why.

1. They’re Not Showing Affection

Affection in dogs is usually expressed by continually running to their owners, following them everywhere all excited and waiting for them to play with them so they can throw them on the ground while licking their entire faces.

So, when our dog takes a dark turn, and his body language changes drastically, it might be a sign that he’s uncomfortable.

And if you’re wondering how dogs express affection while being uncomfortable, the answer is simple: they don’t.

When dogs are feeling down, generally because of a health issue or an injury, they’ll purposely step away from their owner. They don’t know how to communicate. It’s up to you to try to figure out what’s going on with your dog’s health.

2. Peeing In Your Bed

Have you ever asked yourself why your dog is peeing in your stuff?

Not just the bed, but he might be peeing inside, where he knows he isn’t supposed to.

Unless you have a puppy or an untrained dog, there’s no valid reason for them to act like that.

But don’t worry, they’re not mad, but they might be nervous or scared.

Humans are not the only ones who suffer from stress and anxiety. A sudden change in your dog’s life, like having a new pet around the house or you making him sleep in a dark basement, can potentially have a bad impact on your dog behavior.

If you changed houses, for example, make sure you’re bringing some old toys with you. He might be happy about all the new dog toys he’s about to get, but the older ones have more of a home feeling to them.

Another possible scenario is if your dog is old, then he might be suffering from a medical issue. In that case, you should take him to the vet as soon as possible.

3. Ruining your shoes

If you’re a dog owner for a long time, you probably know that it doesn’t take an angry dog to chew all of your shoes, but a bored dog? That’s a different conversation
If your dog developed a habit of destroying everything around the house, it might be a sign they’re bored or stressed.

Stress in dogs is much more common than you might think. Usually, some breeds feel stressed when they’re too much time by themselves, which causes them to ruin your shoes, after all, your things have your scent on them, so they don’t mean to destroy or make you mad, they just miss you.

Try to give him some dog toys that have your scent in them to distract your dog when you go out, and don’t forget to reward him for his good behavior after.

4. They’re Constantly Hiding

When do you usually hide? Unless you’re playing hide and seek, the only reason an adult would hide is if they’re feeling scared. The same goes for dogs.

You might notice your dog runs for his life whenever you decide to vacuum your house or when fireworks are blowing up outside your home. This happens because they get spooked.
So, how to take care of your dog during these scary times?

If you know what your dog is scared of, don’t force him to face his fears. Instead, anticipate, put him in a room with some dog treats and toys, you can even put some music, so the scary noises aren’t the only thing he hears.

After, try to do some fun activities with your dog, so he forgets all the traumatic sounds he just heard.

5. Your dog is pawing at you

You might feel your dog is trying to fight you when he whacks you with their paws or nose, or when they head-butt you, but in reality, they just want something from you.

From wanting you to play with them, or trying to let you know they want to go for a walk. These gestures mean they want something, and you’re the only person who can give it to them.

If not sure about what they want, think about when was the last time you walked your dog or if he has clean water and food. If everything seems normal, then your dog might just be after some love.

6. They’re giving you a dirty look

A good way on how to know if your dog is mad at you is if he gives you the dirty look, also known as the “whale eye.”

You probably already have been in certain situations where you call your dog, and he just gives you a quick look and ignores you. There’s not much to decipher here. Your dog is either mad or annoyed about something.

It doesn’t have to be you. Maybe he just really wants to go for a walk, yet he’s stuck at home. Don’t sweat about it too much.

7. Your dog is avoiding you

Let’s say you always cuddle up on the couch after a long day of work, but suddenly your dog won’t cuddle with you and prefers to keep his distance by laying on a different couch or the floor.

Or maybe you’ve noticed your dog is never in the same room as you; if you’re in the kitchen, he’s in the living room and vice-versa.

This might happen because he’s tired or not feeling well. If you notice this behavior lasting for a while, then maybe check him for any possible injury.

If something changed in your life, like someone moving in like a girlfriend or a newborn baby, that could trigger a feeling of loneliness and depression on your dog.

In any case, you should make sure you take him to the vet to make sure he’s a healthy dog, physically and mentally as well.

After reading this article, we hope you understand that your dog doesn’t have anything against you, he’s probably just going through some bad moods.

Just remember that whether he’s feeling lonely, jealous, or just sad, those feelings will eventually fade away, and before you know it, he’ll come back to his natural self, as an excited, happy dog.