Here Are 10 Things That Your Dog Wishes You Knew!


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When you take your dog to the dog park, you take it because you love it. Similarly, you provide it with the best dog daycare, dog grooming, and dog food that your money can buy. All of this you do because you love the dog. Of course, the dog loves you back—as Obama would say!

However, there are a lot of things that you do not know about your dog; and wouldn’t it be nice to know these things? Of course, it would, and your dog wishes that you already know them.

For that reason, in this article, we are going to tell you about these things, which will shed new light on your relationship with your dog!

1. You Don’t Own Me

You might think that your dog is your property, but that it the opposite of reality. Form the dog’s perspective, it owns you, that is, it thinks of you as being its property—that is right!

Therefore, when you bring the best dog food or give the best dog training, you are making the dog proud that someone as close as you are doing all of that for it. The dog behaves in this way because it wants to protect you—we protect most the things that we think are ours, dogs included.

2. I Know How You Feel

When the dog is barking, it can be because of any of the multitudes of emotions that a dog can feel. The highest form of emotion the dog has is towards you. For this reason, if you feel sad or anything, the dog will know and will either moan or bark accordingly.

It will come closer to you and try to soothe you if you are feeling down, or share in your joy if you are feeling ecstatic, all the while aiming to get a dog treat or two. Make sure, therefore, that you treat your dog well because it feels for you.

3. I Get Cabin Fever

Dogs were not meant to be kept in a closed space. For this reason, if your dog becomes destructive, it is because it has been kept inside the house for an extended period, and that is not a thing that sits well with dogs, be them small dogs breeds or big ones.

Therefore, make sure that you schedule enough walks throughout the week to make your dog satisfied. It is also crucial that you get some calming treats for dogs to calm them down when they become hyperactive.

4. I Get Lonely

Not all dogs are created equal. Therefore, as there are dogs who don’t get lonely when you leave them alone, there are dogs that do—that can get heart-breaking sometimes. Of course, the easiest dogs to take care of are the ones who can be left alone without a slight worry that they will get lonely.

However, if your dog does get lonely, you need to make sure that you are close by at all times. Sure, it is not easy, but taking care of dogs is not supposed to be, by nature, easy.

5. I Like A Flexible Routine

A routine is essential for dogs; however, you should never create a strict one that has clear and set rules. It would help if you were open to flexible routines because dogs are not predictable, and the need to play or go out for a walk may arise any day during the week.

So, if you are planning some dog agility training, for example, make sure that you create a very flexible schedule. Also, never forget to prepare some dog treat recipes because they will make the training much more effective.

6. I Don’t Remember Things As You Do

Dogs have a short memory span. Therefore, if you want your dog to know if a thing it has done is good or bad, you need to make sure that you let it know as soon as it happens; if you do it later, otherwise, the dog will not remember the thing that you are referring to.

Therefore, make sure that you keep some healthy dog treats nearby to give your dog as soon as it does something good. Also, reprimand the dog immediately after it does something terrible.

7. I Don’t Speak That

Contrary to what many people think, dogs cannot understand our speech to them—this applies to all dog breeds, be them small cute dog breeds or aggressive dog breeds.

Therefore, if you want to communicate something to your dog, avoid long sentences: use body language and concise words or commands that are not changed at all.

8. Your Tone Affects Me

Two things affect dogs positively: some nice homemade dog treats and your tone when you are speaking them.

Therefore, make sure that you are affectionate in your tone of voice to ensure the dog that you are there for it. If you have been looking into how to take care of a dog, make sure that you start with your tone.

9. I Am Not A Child

Some people chose dogs because they do not want children. However, even if that is the case, you need to make sure that you do not treat your dog like a child because it is not. It wants to play and jump around, chase things, and get nice dog treats.

10. I Have A Short Lifetime

Dogs do not live as long as humans do—they have a short life span. For this reason, dogs would want to spend as much time as possible with you.

Therefore, make sure that all the time you spend with your dog is quality time: search for the best dog food brands and sit next to your dog when it eats; when you take it to a vet for dogs, make sure that it is a memorable experience; and if you are applying dog first aid, make sure that the dog knows you are there for it.

As you have read, there are a lot of things to be discovered about dogs, and we know that this article has given you an idea about the range of emotions that these canine creatures can feel.

Make sure, therefore, that you share the article with your dog-loving friends so that they become aware of everything that we have written in this article!
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