How to Help Your Dog Overcome the Fear of Strangers


Last Updated on February 14, 2021

3. Minimize stress levels as much as you can

A stress-free dog is a healthy dog, and that’s why, as an owner, you should do everything you can to ensure a happy, comfortable, and safe environment for your dog. It starts with having a space that your dog can know as his room. This space should be a room where normally nobody is around, maybe a guest room or a bathroom. Kitchens, and living rooms are the worse choices because these spaces tend to have a lot of movement, which will cause stress to your dog. After you decide your dog’s safe space, the next step is to place a comfy bed and some pillows in one of the corners. Possibly far away from the door. Spray some calming pheromones around this area if needed. And of course, make sure that nobody invades your dog’s space unless they are already familiarized with your dog. The key is to try to avoid any surprises that could rise your dog’s anxiety and stress levels.  Keeping his favorite blanket and toy near his space is also a great idea for extra comfort. 

4. Medication may be necessary

You should never feel bad or self-conscious about asking for help, especially if you’re trying to help your dog live a happier life. A veterinarian will never judge you for letting them know your pet’s psychological problems or behavioral issues. These people are the ones who are qualified to help your dog. In the first appointment, the vet may do some exercises with your dog in order to diagnose them. They may ask you to continue these exercises at home to see if that solves the problem, but if it doesn’t, medication and dog training might be the next step.

5. Obedience Training

Training a dog is something that every owner should do in order to get their dogs to obey and behave in every type of situation.  However, dogs who suffer from anxiety or have been diagnosed with some type of trauma might be a little bit harder to manage. This calls for professional help, in this case, a CDPDT trainer, which is an organization for certified dog trainers and behavior consultants. The training can last from a couple of months to years; it all depends on your dog and how they evolve.  These types of trainers will get to know your dog, giving them their full attention in order to understand what is the best tactic to help them overcome their fears. Ultimately, a fearful dog is a dangerous dog. As said earlier, they are unpredictable, making them feel like a bomb that can explode at any time.  Having a dog like this can be extremely tiring and overwhelming, not only for the owner, but the dog can also become depressive or develop severe trauma.  Mental health is important, even dogs need to be taken care of in this department, and it’s up to the owner to help them overcome their fears by providing a healthy environment and professional help.