How to Train Your Stubborn Dog Easily and Effectively!


Last Updated on June 6, 2020

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Dog training is definitely not an easy task; it requires tons of patience and consistency, among other things. But imagine when the dog is just really stubborn! The training can quickly become frustrating, increasing your chances to give up and call a professional dog trainer.

When training a stubborn dog, you may feel like you’re constantly fighting a losing battle and we totally understand this feeling. However, regardless of all the frustration and exhaustion, it’s certainly not the right time to feel like giving up.

We’ve learned from various pet owners who had the most stubborn dogs over the years and we’ve been able to draw a great plan on what to do when dealing with a difficult-to-train canine companion.

You should know that there’s hope for every dog, even the most challenging ones, and the solution might be as easy as adopting a different approach to dog training.

When your dog doesn’t listen to what you’re saying or never follows your commands, it doesn’t mean that he or she is hard-headed or impossible to train. The real issue often lies in the difference between your human standards of good manners and the dog’s normal behaviors.

So you should expect that changing your dog’s behavior is going to take time, effort, and patience.

You don’t really have to change your training program completely because, for certain dogs, even the littlest change in the training routine can go a long way in having an obedient dog.
Ready to start changing your stubborn dog’s behavior? Here are seven of the greatest methods you can use.

7. Proceed as slowly as necessary

You should begin by working with your stubborn furry friend on their favorite or very familiar behaviors. Then, use rewards to help your dog make the link between training and positivity. Make sure to offer rewards even for the littlest successes; when dealing with a stubborn dog, every tiny success matters.

Once that little canine brain finally grasps that training is a good thing and that new things can be exciting. Just proceed very slowly, while taking one small step at a time and keeping a close eye on your dog’s reactions.