This is When to Know That Your Dog Misses You When You’re Away


Last Updated on January 3, 2020

This is When to Know That Your Dog Misses You When You're Away

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Dog’s emotions are similar to those of human beings in a lot of way: they can feel happy, they can feel sad, and they can and do miss their parents when their away. As a dog owner, you should keep this in mind and work towards making your dog happy at all time.

However, there come times when you feel obliged to leave your dog for some long stretch of time. You put your pet in a dog daycare or through dog boarding and leave it there to miss you.

This is bound to happen, especially that you yourself have put your pet through all the dog training and indulged it with the best dog food, the best dog bed, and the best dog collars.

Your dog will, surely, miss the owner that flooded it with all these niceties! Keep reading to know about the signs that mean your dog is missing you.


#1 – They Cuddle Your Belongings

Dogs love your belongings as much as they love you. They are especially attached to your sent, which you leave behind in all your clothes and other belongings.

Therefore, when you’re away, your dog will probably seek your scent, since it has an incredible sense of smell, wherever it can find it in the house. When a dog misses their owner, they will probably cuddle your pillows and coats.

#2 – They Chew on Your Belongings

Besides cuddling, their longing for your presence will probably make them take some extra measure and chew on your belongings.

Not only do they want to be close to your smell, but they also want to imitate everything they do with you when you’re with them, such as nicely chewing on your hands. When you come back and find that your dog has chewed on the best pair of shoes you have, then you probably were away for too long.

#3 – They Cry

Do dogs miss their owners? Yes, they do, and they cry for their owners as well when they’re away. Even the strongest, best guard dogs will whine a little when they see that their owner is about to go and leave them behind. Therefore, if you hear such whining from your dog, it is because you have a special place in its heart and it’s sad to see you go.

#4 – They ignore You

If you’re dog suddenly starts to ignore you when you’re about to leave, then that means that it’s upset with you and wants nothing to do with you.

However, do not worry; what they’re trying to do is show you some tough love, that’s all. Their sudden change of temper is an indication of love, and they will soon get back to their regular temper and await your return to get those awesome dog treats.

#5 – They Keep Watch at the Door

The door is what you use to get into the house; consequently, your dog has come to associate it with your return to the house, whether after a short leave or a prolonged one.

It can be very heart-rending to watch a dog waiting for its owner to come walking through the house door. So make sure that you walk through that door holding the best dog treats in your hands.

#6 – They Get Very Excited When You Come Back

When you finally decide to come back home, that day will be the best day in your dog’s life, and it will act accordingly. It will show excitement, affection, and a range of emotions for which only happiness is responsible for.

Such a thing happens because, when a dog misses its owner, it experiences very negative emotions of longing and yearning that only your coming back can put an end to.

#7 – They Smile When they See You

Yup, dogs are indeed capable of smiling! You will notice that when you come back from being away and they see your face.

If you see that their facial expressions have drawn a beautiful smile, then they have missed you a lot when you were gone and now they are ecstatic. Normally, they will greet you with an open mouth, soft, wide eyes, and raised eyebrows. Make sure, therefore, to have some nice dog treats with you as a reward for that smile.

#8 – They Hug You

To show that they’ve missed you dogs will normally hug you or lean against your body to show their affection to you.

Moreover, they would like to seek comfort in your embrace, which you’d do well to reciprocate as soon as possible and as affectionately as possible. If a dog comes to hug you or lean against your body after you’ve been away for the day, it means that it missed you a lot and would love to have you around all the time.

#9 – They Follow You Around

Dogs like to get your attention. Whenever it is possible for them, they will follow you as a shadow does. Sometimes, that is quite cute; sometimes, however, that is quite annoying.

Either way, it is a sign of affection and the fact that it has missed you when you were at work. Now that you’ve finally made it home, your dog will not tolerate leaving you out of their sight for a second. Accept that and get some nice dog treats.

#10 – They Make A Mess

Some dogs make a hell of a mess just because they were left alone. It is another way for them to get attention and, hopefully, stop you from ever considering going away again and leaving it behind.

A how-to train your dog guide will not tell you how to stop your dog from doing that and even the best dogs are capable of such behavior. Just make sure that you don’t stay away for longer periods of time away from your dog.

These have been the signs that tell you for sure that your dog has actually missed you. When you lose your dog, you put out a missing pet flyer. If your dog were capable of putting out a missing owner flyer, it would. That’s how much it misses you!

Before you go, tell us in the comments below about the longest period you had to leave your dog behind.