Top 10 Amazing Cities For You And Your Adorable Dog!


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Being a dog parent is a really rewarding job – they are the most caring, loyal and amazing creatures on the planet. Dog lovers can vouch for that! In fact, the dog’s breed or size doesn’t even matter; what really matters is that they all come as this full package of love.

Because dogs really are a man’s best friend, we decided to put together this list to let you know about the most dog-friendly cities in America – which will surely help you find the ideal place for you and your furry friend. Here are the friendliest cities for dogs in the US!

1. Charleston, S.C.

Among the cities that are suitable for dogs, Charleston comes first on the list. 68% of the households own at least one dog, and there is even a restaurant by the name of Poogan’s Porch that had a dog as the official greeter!

There are many dog parks for your pooch to run and play freely, as well as various dog-friendly places, including seven beaches where you can take your dog to and let them enjoy themselves without a leash. During the summer, you can attend musical events with your dog, which makes Charleston an ideal place for you to live with your dog.

2. Temecula, Calif

If you want to live in Southern California with your dog, Temecula is the place to be. This city is located in an area that is pretty famous for its wines, and 24 of the wineries in the valley will allow you to take your pet with you.

Even though this is a very small town, you will be able to find more than twenty dog-friendly restaurants, which is only natural for a place where more than 80% of the households have a dog. The Wiens Family Cellars holds an event called Wines for Canines and Kitties every Spring, and the main goal of this event is to raise money for a local shelter for abandoned pets.

3. Las Vegas, Nevada

The city of lights is the ideal place for some pet pampering – you do not only have dog-friendly hotels, but you also have Luxe Pet Hotels with tailored programs to relax and take care of your canine best friend.

There, your dog will be able to enjoy several activities, an outdoor swimming pool, a king-size bed, and even a dog gym. And Vegas Rock Dog Radio, a famous radio station, even hosts a weekly Rock’n’Roll series about pets, pop culture and people.

4. Scottsdale, Ariz

If you are looking to move into a wealthy suburb, this is the place for you. For your enjoyment, you will have a myriad of restaurants, outdoor dining spots, cafes, and bars – the vast majority being pet-friendly.

Also, there are many pet shops ready to cater to tiny dogs – you will be able to shop for fancy collars and adorable knit sweaters at Mackie’s Parlour.

5. San Diego, Calif

Blessed with amazing weather, beautiful beaches, and hiking spots, San Diego has all the essentials to ensure that you and your dog live a happy life there.

They even hold an annual dog surf competition, where the canines are judged based on how much time they spend on the board, the size of the wave they are riding and the comfort they show as furry surfers.

The city has over a thousand businesses that are related to pets, with over 200 veterinary clinics and more than 120 pet stores. And if you are too busy to walk your dog, there are more than 1,000 dog walkers listed for hire.

6. Austin, Texas

Texas is so into dogs that you even have a food truck dedicated to these heaven-sent creatures. More than 265 dog-friendly restaurants are at your service, making sure that you never have to leave your pooch at home.

There is a gourmet pet bakery called the Groovy Dog Bakery where you can purchase sweet and healthy treats for your pet, like ice cream or “Yappy Barkday” cakes – hilarious, right? And because we don’t want our pets getting chubby from all the delicious dog treats, you can always take them to the Red Bud Isle, a popular spot for dogs to swim.

7. Tampa, Florida

Imagine enjoying the temperate climate of Florida all year round in the company of your canine best friend. Tampa is an authentic dog paradise – you have parks and beaches where your beloved pet can have fun, and there is a vast offer of dog-friendly shops and boutiques.

There is also an upscale open-air shopping where you can bring your dog, and the store owners will leave some treats and fresh water on the front door. Because this is a city where 57% of the households have a dog, an annual Pet Expo is held and you can visit to get acquainted with the latest pet products, to participate in pet care lessons and to get low-cost vaccinations, since those are expensive even if you have pet health insurance.

8. Fort Collins, Colorado

This is a mountain town, so it is the perfect place for you and your dog to get in shape together while enjoying the wonderful unique views from the hiking trails.

You can also enjoy four different dog parks: the adorable Spring Canyon Dog Park where your dogs can play with other dogs their own size since there are separate areas for that purpose. And if your dog is a swimmer, they can enjoy a swim at the park or just play around in the water.

9. Atlanta, Georgia

This is a town for sports lovers, and you can bring your dog with you to watch every game. And your dog can also become an athlete here – sign them up for the Doggie Dash 5k and give them the opportunity to become a champion.

You even have a themed burger house where the different burgers are named after different dog breeds, and, no doubt, you can bring your own puppy with you.

10. Seattle, Washington

Seattle has more dogs than children, and this is all you need to know in order to move there and be happy with your furry best friend. More than 100 dog-friendly restaurants are available so that you never have to leave your pet at home – you can sit with them in the outdoor space.

But at Norm’s Eatery & Ale House, you can even bring your dog inside. When summertime comes, you can celebrate Dog Day by bringing your pet on a cruise that goes from Seattle to Blake Island.