7 Dog Movies On Netflix You Should Watch With Your Dog!


Last Updated on February 8, 2021

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If you think your dog can’t watch movies think again! One of the best ideas when it comes to indoor activities for dogs is movie sessions!

You might be worried that your dog won’t pay a lot of attention to the movie and will get easily bored, but you’d be surprised by the results!

As long as the film captures your dog’s attention right in the beginning, then that’s enough to keep them glued to the TV for an hour or more! And what could be more interesting for your pampered doggo than seeing another dog on TV?

If you’re still skeptical about cinema as one of the best fun things to do with your dog while at home, let’s wait no longer and hop right into this list of dog movies, to see if at least, one of them can change your mind!

1. Benji

1. Benji

Benji is a very well-known movie about a stray dog that walks around the city and finds his new owners: two siblings, a girl, and a boy, around the age of 10. They decide to “adopt him” just like any kid would if they saw such a cute pup on the street!

However, the real story begins when these two kids are kidnapped, and Benji comes to their rescue!

There are two versions of the same film, one from 1974 and the most recent one is from 2018. Another fun fact is that the movie was remade by Brandon Camp, and the first one was made by Joe Camp, his father.

2. Super Buddies

2. Super Buddies

You might remember this movie from when you were just a kid. This movie has been remade a thousand times and never lost its spark. Similar to Benji, it’s another “dog saves the day” movie.

Except for this time, there are five cute puppies instead of one, and they’ll be fighting a bully from outer space! Oh, and did I mention they have superpowers that come from these special neon collars? It’s a crazy ride that your dog will enjoy watching for sure! As for you, you’ll be laughing a lot.

3. Togo

3. Togo

If you didn’t know about “Togo,” its Disney’s new dog movie featuring an exceptional dog and Willem Dafoe! It’s a story about a sled dog whose name is Togo, who was considerate to be too weak and small to participate in such an intense race like the 1925 serum run, which he ended up leading!

Back in 1925, a lot of dogs ran through ice and snow for 6 days, to deliver medicine to a small Alaskan town.

They ran over 674 miles, and were able to save the day! As you can tell, it’s based on a true story, which makes it even better! It’s currently available on Disney +, but it should be on Netflix soon!

4. Balto

4. Balto

For those who are true fans of dog movies, you probably already saw “Balto,” which is based on the same event as the movie Togo, except it’s the animated version from 1995. Because it’s animated, it’s much more light and fun to watch, making it better for younger viewers and younger pups!

It can also be fun to see both movies and compare them, the same story, told in two different and unique ways. The good news is that this one is available on Netflix!

5. Hotel For Dogs

5. Hotel For Dogs

If you’re looking for a film for the whole family to watch on a Sunday afternoon, then this might be the best pick.

This movie targets kids, teenagers, and adults all at once since it has a lot of characters that your kids could identify with! It’s a movie comedy that will leave the whole family laughing from beginning to end!

The movie’s protagonists are two kids that decide to hide a stray dog at a vacant hotel. What could go wrong? Absolutely everything, but in the funniest way possible!

6. Rock Dog

6. Rock Dog

You probably never saw a movie like this one. It’s an animated movie from 2016 that follows a very independent dog that decides to leave his dad and his hometown to go to the big city to pursue his dream as a musician!

That’s right, you probably never thought you would see the day where dogs walk, dress, and have ambitions just like a normal person, but in this movie everything is possible! He even has a cat mentor! Yes, you read that correctly.

It’s a ride from the beginning, and even though your dog won’t realize his seeing another dog, the music aspect will for sure keep him entertained!

7. A Dog’s Way Home

7. A Dog’s Way Home

Ending up this list with a movie that will make you cry your eyes out! No matter how insensitive you might think you are, if you’re a dog owner, one of your worst fears would be losing them, which is pretty much the whole plot of the movie.

A happy family grows up with a dog. The dog, named Bella, gets lost and tries to find her way back home.

It’s a great option if you’re wondering how to connect with your dog on a deeper level since you’ll probably be crying together through the whole movie!

You’ll be thinking to yourself, “I appreciate my relationship with my dog” by the end of the film.

Now that you discovered one of the most fun things to do with your dog at home what are you waiting for to get some popcorn and dog treats and sit on the couch watching one of these movies?

Watching films is one of the best ways on how to bond with your dog while you’re at home, especially when Netflix has so many different movies and categories to pick from!

And even if you have work to do, you can still sit on the couch with the computer on your lap and play the movie for your dog to see. You’ll even catch the important bits, and he’ll be entertained, most importantly, he’ll be near you, cuddling you and feeling loved.