10 Things To Buy For Your Dog This Summer!


Last Updated on January 5, 2021

Summer is probably the most amazing season of the whole year – the warm weather opens the beach/holiday season, the days are longer, the nights are pleasant…. But can you imagine going through Summer while wearing a thick fur coat? Because that’s what’s like for your dog during this hot season. There are some things your dog needs to be able to enjoy summer time without suffering from the whole ”hellish” ordeal of high temperatures. As a pet parent, it’s your job to protect your furry best friend and to make sure they are safe and comfortable during the hot season. To help you out, we compiled a list of 10 dog supplies you need to purchase to make your puppy happy throughout the Summer!

1. Water Bottle With A Portable Dog Bowl

Hydration is essential all year round, but when Summer comes, the excessive heat demands that we drink more water. Well, the same goes for your dog. But how are you supposed to keep your dog hydrated while you are out? Nowadays, you can purchase these incredible water bottles that come with an attached dog bowl – an easy way to carry the water and to allow your pet to be able to drink it properly.

2. Dog Booties

Dog booties can take some getting used to, but once your dog is familiarized with this accessory, they will have the time of their lives. Hot sidewalks can be an absolute nightmare for dogs, causing serious burns that might turn into something worse. A pair of fashionable dog shoes is all it takes to prevent this problem. And if you decide to invest in waterproof dog shoes, your dog can even wear them to the beach!

3. Dog Sunscreen

Yes, sun protection for dogs is a thing, and it’s here to stay. Many people are not aware of the fact that being exposed to the sun can be dangerous for dogs as much as it is for humans, causing them to develop all sorts of health issues, from cataracts to heart disease, not to mention skin cancer. Be sure to apply dog sunscreen on your furry friend before leaving the house to keep them protected.