5 Brilliant Ideas To Create The Perfect Dog-Friendly Backyard

dog-friendly backyard

Last Updated on April 6, 2021

When your dog is ready to be active and to have fun, indoors will not be a suitable place at all, and if you don’t have a dog-friendly backyard, then you are in trouble!  To avoid getting all your furniture from getting ruined, you have to create a space where your pup can blow off steam and feel free to run around without you following him and crying over your expensive vases. The best thing about outdoor space is, even if it’s a modestly-sized yard, you can create a fun space that meets the playtime requirements of your dog. Here are a few ideas to transform your backyard into your dog’s ultimate heaven.

1. Safety first

Before starting your dog-friendly backyard makeover, you must consider your dog’s safety first. Dogs should never be left unsupervised for a long time when they are playing outside, but even if you take your eyes off them for one minute, they somehow get into trouble. This is why you must give your nerves a break by puppy-proofing your new dog-friendly backyard. First, you need to surround the backyard with a tall enough fence to keep your furry friend from jumping over. And it should also be deep enough to prevent him from digging into the neighbor’s backyard. Avoid fences with rungs or slits, and never plant anything before searching if it’s harmful to the dog’s health.

2. Outdoor abode

Even if you plan to build a dog-friendly backyard on a budget, it will be easy to add some form of shade to give your dog a place to cool down between games. In general, get creative while making your dog-friendly backyard design and make sure it’s situated near a water source for quick water bowl refills. In case you are not interested in creating an impressive yard, you can go with a Snoopy-style house or build a custom shelter. You can also add a comfortable, durable dog bed to provide extra comfort for your pup.

3. Cooling station

Is your dog a big fan of water? Consider installing a water feature in your new dog-friendly backyard where he can have a great time during the summer. You can add a dog-friendly fountain or pond with a river rock layout around them to minimize mud.