5 Effective Ways To Keep a Dog Busy While At Work

Keep a Dog Busy

Last Updated on January 21, 2021

Are you wondering how to keep a dog busy because you are out of ideas? You are not alone. For reasons out of anyone’s control, many people found themselves working from home, which was the happiest day of our dogs’ lives! It is great to be working from the safety of your own home with your pup constantly around you. But you never realize how hard it is until you have an important conference call with a dog barking in the background and a puppy constantly asking for attention! And that’s when the important question arises: how to keep a dog busy? And how to keep a dog busy WHILE working? Below are a few tricks on how to keep a dog busy to help set yourself up for success with ease.

1. Keep dogs busy with toys and long-lasting chews

What are the things dogs love the most? Yes, dog treats and dog toys!! And that’s why you are going to create a mixture between the two to help him live peacefully in his heaven away from you for a good while. Before the workweek starts, prepare some food-stuffed toys and store them in your freezer. Give one to him whenever you need to concentrate on work or before you call into a meeting. Freezing them will make the treats last longer, the toy harder to chew, and hard work to get the stuffing out, which is the perfect way to keep a dog busy while working.

2. Scatter dog treats in the snuffle mat

If you don’t have a snuffle mat for your dog yet, then you need to get one asap! It’s the best way to feed dogs, and also, to buy yourself some time for work. The best way to keep a dog busy while working is by scattering the food throughout the fabric and then allow your pup to sniff his way through his treasure. You can put the snuffle mat next to you to enjoy the sound of the sniffing, it’s actually very calming!

3. Create a quiet space for your dog

As long as your dog has access to the windows, he will constantly be barking and making a noise on people walking outside, cars, cats, and other dogs. His barks will keep you from doing your work efficiently, this is why you need to set up a quiet space for your dog to settle while work. You can place the dog bed next to your desk and casually drop some treats, which will make him believe that it is the spot where food falls from the sky, so he will be hanging out there often. It’s actually a great way to keep your dog busy during the day with a little relaxation time while you hustle and bustle around!