5 Things Dogs Fear In A Unique Way

Dogs Fear

Last Updated on February 14, 2021

Dogs fear some unique things and that is a fact so, do not panic if you are facing a fearful dog, even if it is that companion that has lived with you for some time. After all, fear is an emotion common to dogs and humans, isn’t it? Depending on the case, it can evolve into an aggressiveness that the animal uses as a defense tactic. So before you despair and start asking yourself, “why is my dog afraid of everything,”it’s important to understand your best friend’s behavior. Among the main causes of Dogs feelings, are genetic factors, lack of socialization in childhood, traumatic events, abuse, and pain. These dog feelings can lead to signs such as cringing, shaking, drooling, barking, being destructive, and, in some cases, aggressive behavior. What do dogs fear? Find out below!

1. Noises From The Sky

For us humans, holidays like the new year mean party and fun in general. For dogs, on the other hand, they can be synonymous with great stress due to fireworks. But then why do dogs fear fireworks? The answer is: because of the unpredictability of time and the intensity at which the noises happen. In fact, the sky can be the scene of disturbing events for dogs. You also can have a dog afraid of thunder: this natural phenomenon is usually tall and even adds flashes of light to the experience as a whole. The main signs of this fear are tremors, hyperactivity, gnawing or attacking objects, hiding, panting, seeking attention, (trying) to escape, and crying.

2. You Never Come Back

Have you ever had to leave your dog alone while traveling? Have you ever heard your neighbor’s dog howl for several nights in a row? Never doubt what an abandoned dog can do. The fear of abandonment sometimes goes unnoticed by us, but it is one of the most common. Sometimes this deficiency goes beyond and becomes the so-called separation anxiety syndrome. It is noticed when the fearful dog changes its usual behavior and destroys objects, defecates in inappropriate places, or even self-mutilates. When the stress level is high, they also bark a lot, as if it were a cry for help.