6 Coolest Dog Names You Should Definitely Pick From

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Last Updated on April 5, 2021

Every dog parent wants to give their furry baby the cutest, coolest, and most unique and meaningful name. It’s kind of like naming a human baby; it will the name that your dog will answer to and will stay with them for the rest of their life! But, picking the right name for your pup can be a challenge when you hear some very pretty or badass names like Leia, Luna, Thor, or Zeus! There are so many of them that coming up with a name sounds easier than picking from lists of endless dog names. Not sure what to name your pooch? Don’t stress out too much about naming your dog; try to have fun because we’ve got the right list for you, picking out only the top 6 timeless dog names. Let’s see what your dog’s name will be!

1. Zeus

So if you’re a Greek Mythology nerd like myself, you’ll know better than to name your male dog after the biggest player/womanizer of all Greek gods, who also happens to be the king of the gods. But, if you just like the sound of the name and think it’s pretty cool, then go ahead and call your pup Zeus! Also, Zeus carries the thunderbolt, so the name will perfectly suit a loud dog!

2. Coco

Coco is such an adorable name for a female or male dog. And if you’re a Disney fan, you know exactly why you should name your female dog Coco, which is the name of a wise, warmhearted grandma in the 2017 Disney-Pixar film “Coco.” The name Mama Coco name is perfect for an older dog, or senior dog, that is wise and protective!

3. Pluto

Another name for Disney fans but also astronomy buffs is the name pluto! Pluto is Mickey Mouse’s pet dog and best friend, and of course, one of the most unique characters in the Disney world. Pluto is more suitable for male dogs, but nobody can stop you from calling your female dog by the name!

4. Nymeria

Ah yes, Game Of Thrones fans have got some of the coolest names to name their pets, and one of them is Nymeria, Arya’s (there you go, another cool name)female direwolf.