Common Dog Behavior Problems You Need To Know

dog behavior problems

Last Updated on April 2, 2021

Training your dog should be one of your main priorities, and if you’re a new dog parent, you are probably still trying to get the hang of it while dealing with dog behavior problems. You’re probably even confused and inside about some of your dog’s behavior and if there is something wrong with them! Most dogs are misunderstood and mistreated because people don’t really know how to train them properly. First, you need to identify what is considered normal dog behavior and what is not. Let’s see the five most common dog behavior problems and their solutions.

1. Digging

While digging is an instinctive behavior in dogs, it goes back to their wild ancestors and their hunting history. It is pretty normal for your dog to dig holes in your yard, but you can still curb this behavior. You just need to know some of the reasons your dog is digging: They could be bored and doing it for fun. They could be doing it because of anxiety or fear. It could be because they want attention. They could be trying to hide treats or toys. They could be trying to dig an escape. Try not to punish your dog after you find out that they were digging, as it will make it worse because your dog might dig an even bigger hole in an attempt to escape, out of fear or anxiety! What you can do is follow this trick: If you notice that your dog digs a hole in the same zone, burry bricks there to stop it from digging further. And if your dog is moving to a no-digging zone, say “no” firmly every time they do. Once they stop digging, give them treats and make sure they don’t just dig another hole to hide the treats!

2. Barking

Excessive barking in dogs can indicate boredom, separation anxiety, or attention-seeking behavior, and it is one of the common dog behavior problems. Before you try to get your dog to stop barking, you need to identify why they’re barking in the first place. Barking is how dogs vocalize their needs, so if your dog’s barking is usually followed by whining, it could be because they need something from you.