Dog Body Language: 5 Ways Your Dog Understands You

dog body language

Last Updated on April 7, 2021

Do you ever look at your dog and feel “understood?” Seriously, pay attention to dog body language…When you start talking, and your dog tilts or nods their head (which is the cutest thing ever) as if to show that they’re engaged in the conversation, doesn’t it feel like they’re encouraging you to talk more?!  Even if dogs can’t have a conversation and laugh at your jokes, they can still pick up on verbal and non-verbal cues and communicate their emotions through actions and sounds. So when you notice that your dog is being responsive to what you say or feel that they understand how you feel, they probably are.  Dog body language can tell us so much about them, and how bonded they are to us, so let’s look at all the signs your dog understands you. 

1. Your dog is protective of you

One of the clear signs your dog loves and cares about you is when they are protective of you. Dogs can sense danger, so when your dog growls are a stranger approaching you or getting too close for comfort, that is how they communicate that they care for you. If you feel threatened by something, dogs can feel your distress, and that’s when they start sniffing and licking to comfort you. Watch for the subtle changes in your dog’s expression, and you will see how they understand you. Make sure to show love and give lots of dog treats!

2. Your dog comforts you

You know those YouTube videos where fake crying to see how their dogs will react? You must have already tried that on your dog and relished in how concerned and affectionate they were towards you! Studies show that dogs are most likely to approach people who are crying than ones who are talking. Dogs look into our eyes to see if we are sad or scared and then proceed to comfort us by putting their heads in our laps or touch us with their paws. Dogs are masters at reading emotional cues, so don’t worry; they understand how you feel!