How To Make Your Dog Happy And Pamper It

how to make your dog happy

Last Updated on April 2, 2021

It is a truth universally acknowledged that happier dogs live longer! And who doesn’t want to make their little ones happy? so we need to know how to make your dog happy because we all know how to take care of our dogs — giving them the best dog treats and the highest quality dog food, buying them toys, taking them on walks, playing with them, etc. But do we all know how to “pamper” our dogs? Just the fact that you’re looking up ways to make your dog happier means you’re a great pet parent. But you know what, you will be a god-tier dog parent if you follow these five tips to pamper your dog! Don’t keep your dog waiting. Here is how to make your dog happy!

1. Give your dog a massage

So you think you’re the only one who can get a massage? Your dog needs a good massage, too! This is such a great way to pamper your dog, so here is how to do it: Make sure that your dog is calm and sleepy, not full of energy, or in the mood to play. Start by petting your dog fur gently, then start stroking their head, shoulders, back, and limbs to help them become even calmer. Start massaging your dog’s neck in a circular manner, move to their shoulders, then to the chest. Start massaging your dog’s back then front legs. Giving your dog a massage will help them overcome anxiety and stress, or pain, if there is any. And let’s not forget, a massage will strengthen your bond and make your dog fall in love with you even more!

2. Give your dog a bath

let see how to make your dog happy with a bath, if your dog likes water, why not give them a soapy bath with nice aromas that will stimulate their senses? A bath can be as relaxing as a massage if done right, so here is how to do it: Brush your dog’s fur gently before the bath. Talk or hum to your dog to calm them as you gently pour lukewarm water.