How Your Life Will Change When You Adopt A Dog


Last Updated on January 6, 2021

Dog parents know how challenging it can be to fit that tiny furry bundle of joy into their already busy lives. But the unconditional love a dog has to offer makes it all worth it! None the less, your life will face some huge changes once you decide to take this step. Are you ready to find out how dogs change your life?

1. You will have a new schedule

Forget alarm clocks and waking up with the first ray of sunshine coming through your window. From the moment you adopt a puppy, they will be your personalized waking up device. Dogs have needs, and they will need your help to fulfill those needs. As a result, you’ll have to wake up to take them to the bathroom outside, be there to feed them, and even keep them company while they fall asleep. You can’t leave the puppy factor out, not even when planning for your vacations.

2. You’ll know exactly how to care for your dog

Being a pet parent is a lot of hard work, and you know you’ll want to be the best parent possible. Having a happy, healthy dog will be your main goal. This is why you will try to stimulate their mind with interesting toys, take them to the vet regularly and buy them the healthiest dog food available. You will love your dog so much that you will feel like you have a magical instinct on how to care for them like no one else ever could!

3. Dog hair will be everywhere

As a token of their appreciation and to make sure you don’t forget about them, your dog will leave their hair around. You can always try the lint roller, but you will soon realize that there is no point. You might as well embrace the dog hair craziness that’s going on in your life and wear it proudly wherever you go. You might even start a weird trend, who knows?

4. Sharing is caring

You might buy the best dog treats available in the market, but your dog will always want a bite of what you are eating. And as long as it isn’t bad for their health, why not? But wait, food is not the only thing you will have to share with your furry friend. The space in your bed? Forget it. It’s their bed now; you are merely a guest. Your soulmate who you intend to spend the rest of your life with? They now belong to your puppy as well. But your dog is so cute you can’t even feel jealous, can you?

5. Leaving the house will become a challenge

If you have any intentions of leaving your home and find it in the same condition when you come back, you need to dog-proof it. Don’t leave anything low enough that your puppy can steal it and chew on it. Is there anything your dog can destroy in sight? Well, when left unsupervised, make no mistakes; they will. So, lock everything up. But the hardest challenge of them all: leaving behind your puppy when they are making those sad baby eyes you can’t resist. Time to call your boss and ask them if you can take your dog to work, or is that too much?

6. Your dog will be the star of your social media accounts

Having an adorable puppy running around the house and not sharing it with the world should be a crime. That’s why your feed is filled with pictures from your dog. And your stories on Instagram are nothing but cute puppy videos. Heck, you might even find a way to sneak your adorable pup into your LinkedIn profile if there is a chance. And why not?

7. You’ll make new friends easily

When you don’t have a dog, walking down the street is the most ordinary thing in the world. You don’t notice people, and people don’t notice you. But when you have a furry companion, things change! People will stop you on the street to let you know how adorable your best friend is and pet them. Having a dog can be a huge ice breaker, a great conversation starter, and an even better way of creating new friendships.

8. You shall never again feel disgusted

As a dog parent, your dog’s health is a top priority. So, what are you going to do if they ever get sick and throw up? Or if they have diarrhea and have an accident inside your house? There will be no time to feel grossed out. Your instincts will tell you that your only priority is to help your puppy feel better. After going through this experience, you will hardly feel disgusted by anything else in your life.

9. You will become healthier

How does having a dog improves your health, you ask? Oh, in so many ways. First, you will be exercising a lot more, because you’ll have to take them out for a walk at least twice a day. But research has shown that dog owners feel less stressed and less depressed. Plus, your blood pressure will also become lower, which reduces your chances of suffering from a heart attack. Dogs are magical angels in a furry disguise, aren’t they?

10. The gift of unconditional love

Last but not least, love. Taking care of a dog might be challenging, but everything becomes easier when they run to you and lay their fuzzy little heads on your lap. They will always be there for you to cuddle you to make you laugh. And to show you that no matter what happens, there is still a beating heart inside them that loves you more than anything in this world. Is there a better feeling? We don’t think so.