Running With Your Dog: 7 Important Tips For A Great Experience

running with your dog

Last Updated on April 7, 2021

It’s no secret that keeping your dog active is essential for a happy, healthy dog. So, have you considered running with your dog? Staying active will help you be as healthy and happy. Why not do it together?  Running together is a great solution for any pet owner who doesn’t have the time to walk their furry friends twice every day. Combine your jogging and dog walking to get the best of both worlds, and your dog will LOVE running with you.  So, to make the experience fun and interesting, here are a few tips on how to run with your dog.

1. Is your dog healthy? 

Before you decide on running with your dog, you have to make sure he is healthy, strong, and capable of running without stopping. And no, don’t assume that he will be fine; visit your vet for a check-up.  Usually, veterinarians suggest taking your dog under 18 months for a run regularly. This can positively affect the growth and health of your dog’s bones. 

2. Do you have a comfortable leash? 

Regardless of how obedient and smart your dog is, jogging together can be challenging because he can easily shift his focus to something else during the jog. Running with your dog needs a little investment in a high-quality dog leash that can control your furry friend and prevent him from chasing the cats. When picking the leash, you have to make sure it’s going to keep both you and your dog comfortable. There a few that allow you to control your dog while keeping your hands free.

3. Does your dog know any basic commands?

No? This might be the right time to teach him before you go running with your dog outside. The leash is not the only tool that will keep your dog controlled, especially when outside, there are many distractions that will prevent your pouch from having a comfortable experience. Your dog is a very smart and sensitive creature that loves to be taught new things every day. Plus, the process of training him will strengthen the bond between the two of you. Teach your dog a few words to help you maintain him during the jog, like stop and sit.