Where to leave your dog while you travel

Where to leave your dog while you travel

Last Updated on February 4, 2021

Wondering where to leave your dog while you travel? You got it! I can help you with that! Let’s admit it. Traveling with your dog can be so much fun, but taking them with you wherever you go is also not always an option! You may say that you find it hard to see your fur kid sad and depressed during the pre-vacation hustle and bustle. But still, sometimes you have no other option but to leave your four-legged friend behind, especially if they aren’t invited! Or simply when you can’t afford all the travel expenses that come with traveling with your dog. In cases like these, you have to decide to travel without them, and I know it’s hard. But the most important thing here is where to leave your dog while you travel? Here are 5 boarding options for your dog!

1.Pet Sitting

No worries! With this boarding option, you can plan your trip and travel in peace. Your fur friend will be safe and sound and, above all, super comfortable. Pet sitting is hiring an experienced pet sitter to look after your pampered pooch while you are away. You have to choose between paying them to stay in your home for the entire duration of your trip or only to visit your dog on a daily basis for feedings, playtimes, walks, and so on. It all depends on your budget!😉 Now you don’t have to worry about where to leave your dog while you travel! Plus, what’s amazing is that with this boarding option, you won’t need to leave your pampered pooch somewhere where he might be feeling unhappy or uncomfortable, especially that most pets feel comfortable in their own environments.

2.In-Home Pet Boarding

Not really into the previous option and still wondering where to leave your dog while you travel? I’ve got you covered! How about in-home pet boarding? Let me explain more. This option is the contrary of pet sitting. So instead of hiring an expert pet sitter to stay in your house with your dog while you are away, you can bring your dog to a pet sitter’s home.