Can Dogs Eat Eggs? 7 Things To Keep In Mind!


Last Updated on April 15, 2021

Here are some allergic reactions dogs can develop due to consuming raw eggs: hives, breathing problems, sneezing, swelling, lethargy, or coughing.

4. Your Dog Consumed Raw Eggs? Here Is What You Should Do…

No need to freak out! Calm down and carefully watch your dog for any allergic reactions or problematic symptoms. But the right thing to do is call the vet and make an appointment for your dog to get tested just to make sure he is safe and sound!

5. How About Eggshells? Can You Give Your Dog That Too?

Eggshells are as highly nutritious as eggs themselves. They are rich in calcium and can be a great dietary supplement for your dog. However, you should never feed eggshells to your dog without the permission of the vet. Still, I recommend avoiding eggshells as they are not the tastiest option nor the safest one! Eggshells have sharp edges that can hurt your dog’s throat and even cause shocking. If you think your dog has a calcium deficiency, you’d better talk to the vet and see what other options you have!

6. How Should You Feed Eggs To Your Pampered Pooch?

It’s not always easy to resist your dog’s puppy eyes. Hence, you end up sharing everything, including your egg sandwich. But trust me, that’s not always a wise thing to do. You can always feed your dog eggs, but make sure they are either cooked or boiled and serve them without adding any oil, butter, spices, seasoning, or other additives. Still, it doesn’t really matter how you serve eggs to your dog and include them in their daily diet! Hard-boiled, scrambled, or sunny-side up. You choose!

7. How Many Eggs Per Day Should You Give Your Dog?

It’s always safe to start with only one egg a day. Then, watch your dog for any allergic reactions or undesirable effects. This includes diarrhea, vomiting, or digestive discomfort. And even if your dog doesn’t develop any worrying symptoms, you should still stick to treating your dog with one egg a day and preferably eggs from an organic farmer, not those that have been chemically treated!