5 Normal Things You Do That Confuse Your Dog

confuse your dog

Last Updated on April 2, 2021

Confused dogs make the funniest and most adorable faces, which explains why you like to confuse your dog daily. After all, it’s harmless and fun!  But sometimes, you don’t even have to do anything to confuse your dog because your regular habits make their minds wander endlessly. Evolution has not equipped dogs (yet) for the challenges of livings with the human species. But dog behavior is extraordinarily flexible, so expect anything. Read on to learn more about the five things you do that your pup struggles to understand.

1. We leave alone

All dog breeds are born to be sociable, so puppies are always very interested in spending time with other dogs, humans, and animals that are willing to interact with them. Their daily tasks are to play, explore, sniff everything, rest, and repeat!  So when you leave for work or you leave your little pouch in the vet clinic, they don’t get it. Naive puppies, in this situation, will doubt that you are never going to return for them. Only after a few experiences they will start expecting a reunion. Also, at home, most dog owners enforce dog-free zones, and of course, the dogs protest. How come there is a human social group when they are behind doors, the impenetrable barriers? But sometimes, you need to confuse your dog to teach them about boundaries.

2. We change our smell and shape

Our clothes always pick up smells when we take them to workplaces and shops. When we are back home later that day, all the scents will be different for your pup, which leaves him clueless. Let’s not forget the soaps and deodorants we constantly change after our dogs got used to them. Moreover, when you wear heavy coats and hats, your shape changes to something different, confusing your dogs. Those constant changes create a puzzle for your furry best friend and drive him to explore you every day because these species use scent to identify intruders and familiar individuals.

3. We love to hug

Humans and dogs express their affection in different ways. We use our arms to hug and touch, and they use their strong jaw to grasp. The latter is their “tool” to play, fight, mate, and care. So when you hug your puppy, they might think you are doing something threatening.