5 Signs You Are too Obsessed With Your Pet dog!

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Last Updated on March 27, 2021

We all love our pets, but are we all obsessed with them? That is the question! Now there is nothing wrong with caring and loving our pet dogs or cats; the problem lies in the extent to which we prioritize spending time with them. For example, you might argue that you’d rather spend time with your pet than with a person, but what about your family? Your kids, if you have any? Or yourself?  Are you really ok with staying up too late playing with your dog when you have an important meeting the next morning? Or do you prioritize them over your own health if your doctor says not to own one? While loving a pet is one thing, being borderline obsessed is something else, and it is neither healthy for you nor your pet. As you know, too much of anything is harmful.  Let’s see all the signs you’re too obsessed with your pet dog!

1. You are addicted to acquiring new pets

Pets make us feel loved, they carve our attention, and they keep us company, unconditionally. But what if it’s you who is craving your pet’s attention all the time, keeping them company, and getting more pets than you can actually afford?! If you keep adopting cats and dogs without setting a dedicated budget to cover their essential needs, at least, you’re making a terrible mistake because it will not be fair to them. 

2. You tolerate bad habits

If you let your dog have their way, urinating on the floor or overeating without correcting their behavior? You might be obsessed with your pet dog! You should not let bad dog behavior slide. Instead of punishing your dog, try training them better and giving them dog treats when they learn something new.

3. You treat your pets like humans

Do you think of your pet the way you think of a human being? Do you think that pets are equal to humans and should be treated as such? If this rings true, then there is a chance you’re obsessed with your pet.