5 Ways To Fight Dog Grooming Anxiety

dog grooming anxiety

Last Updated on February 3, 2021

Why do you think dogs are afraid of grooming? It’s because once they have a bad grooming experience that feels more like an attack than care, they become anxious or scared of it. Dog grooming anxiety is very common and that is because pet parents don’t usually go through the steps that they should follow to avoid scaring their dogs. These steps may involve introducing your dog slowly to grooming tools or getting them used to the noise that a grooming tool makes (ex: clippers, blow dryer, etc). Before grooming your pup, let’s look at the 5 tips that will reduce their grooming anxiety!

1. Gently introduce them to grooming tools

One of the most important things to do to prevent dog grooming anxiety is by positively introducing your dog to grooming tools, including brushes, nail trimmers, clippers, etc. Instead of just getting into grooming your dog without warning, try to brush their coat gently with a comb and keep your body language soft and harmless to not intimidate your dog. If you’re trying to dry your dog, make sure that the blow dryer is not too hot so as not to scare them —or worse, accidentally hurt them. Keep in mind that the sooner you familiarize your dog with grooming tools the better, so start when they’re still a puppy. Let them sniff or touch the tools (that doesn’t include sharp tools!) so that they can feel at ease with them.

2. Distract your dog while grooming

If your dog is always anxious about grooming, you should learn the art of distraction! Get dog treats or toys ready and start gently brushing or washing your dog; your dog will be distracted by the treats, and guess who’s going to groom their dog despite their constant movement in the hope of getting closer to the treats! Just be careful with any scissors if you’re trimming your dog’s fur, those are dangerous! So make sure that your dog is calm before handling scissors. But keep in mind that it is important to be gentle while grooming your dog and generous with treats once you finish — your dog will beg you to groom them!