How to Keep Your Dog Safe This Halloween


Last Updated on October 26, 2020

Halloween is nearly here, and this spooky season requires extra care, especially if you have dogs or other pets at home. As a dog owner, you must know about all the holiday dangers for pets, and Halloween is also filled with hazards pet owners should be aware of. From dangerous food to a traumatic trick-or-treat experience, these are all things we’re trying to avoid this Halloween.  So without any further ado, let’s check this list of pet safety tips for Halloween and other upcoming holidays.

7. Don’t let your dog outside on Halloween night

Unfortunately, we live in a world where crazy people wander the streets every single day. And it’s no surprise hearing stories about people who think it’s funny to harm, tease, steal, or even kill pets on Halloween night.  Some people take spooky to a whole different level, and as a dog owner, you should protect your dog from these people.  Even though you can never be sure about who plays a monster and who is actually one, keep your dog inside on Halloween night. 

6. Keep your dog away from the door or confined

The best part of Halloween is trick-or-treating. Whether you’re the person going from house to house or the one simply answering the door and giving out treats, it’s a super fun activity that many people do with their dogs.  However, for some breeds or anti-social dogs, this type of environment can be super exhausting and stressful.  All the ringing and knocking on the door and the people showing up with weird masks might upset your pet, leading to anxiety, escape attempts, or even aggression.  If you have an anxious dog, it’s best to keep them locked in a room with their favorite blanket and some food and water. 

5. Identify your dog

A lot of dogs go missing on Halloween due to escaping or running away because they feel stressed, scared, or anxious. This is why it’s important to follow the tips above to make sure your dog has a calm and happy Halloween.  Having your dog properly identified with an ID tag on his collar and an embedded microchip is super important at any time of the year, especially Halloween, New Year’s Eve, and other overwhelming holidays. This way, you’ll locate your dog quickly if anything happens.